Friday, 1 April 2011

Most. Amazing. Thing. EVER.

Yesterday I watched a baby being born!! And it really was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. It was Obs&Gynae and Paeds day on my hospital placement and I was lucky enough to get put in the room with a mother about to give birth (I'm never lucky!!). She'd been pushing for a long time and wasn't getting anywhere so the Reg came in and assisted with ventouse and had to do an episiotomy (OUCH!). I kept thinking to myself that I should be more grossed out but I wasn't at all; I was just fascinated! Unfortunately I barely got to see baby as I was whisked out to move onto the next thing (we were rotating round different Obstetricsy things), I only just managed to shout my thanks and congratulations to the parents as I left.

In the afternoon we were shown around the neonatal unit and given a crash course in neonatology by one of the consultants and I absolutely loved it. It's definitely something I can see myself doing in the future. Then we finished off with a quick look around the Paeds ward which was really good once we swapped consultants. At first, the one who'd taken us round the neonatal unit was making us ask a mother in the middle of comforting her child being given medication questions about her child...bearing in mind we've never taken the history of an adult patient, so had no clue when it came to Paeds! It was so awkward and luckily the other consultant came and rescued us from out floundering.

In terms of the rest of the course I'm plodding along with Consolidation&Integration not doing as much work as I should be as per usual. We're into April now which makes the exam, which is on the 15th, seem so much closer! It's my birthday on the 13th so the plan is to try and do all my revision before then so I can take my birthday off completely.

Right, off to go and pack now as I'm home for the weekend to see the Mother for Mother's Day...haven't had time to buy a present so my presence will have to be enough!


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