Sunday, 28 February 2010


Well it's been nearly a week since my first blog - not sure if this is a suitable time frame to be between blogs or not? I haven't really had anything interesting to say (not that I do now!) so I suppose it's ok.

In the last week very little has happened, which is in line with my not very exciting life right now. I was in the lab Mon, Tues and Weds battling once again to get some results and on the most part I failed. Then Thurs was lectures and a meeting with the dissertation tutor on writing my dissertation (eek!) - the meeting was quite helpful though and I feel ever so slightly more confident now about writing it up. Also had a netball match on Thurs which we won 11-4 woop!! Then Friday was netball training and then 3 hours of lectures of varying degrees of interest - one on strokes managed to hold my attention for the most part. It only went downhill from there on unfortunately!

The most exciting things I did on Saturday were going to the bank to pay the bills and buy the mother a 50th birthday card...and then a shop at ASDA in the evening - I only needed a few bits but managed to spend £22 somehow?! Hopefully this means I won't need to go food shopping for the forseeable future.

In an ideal world for the rest of yesterday and all of today I would have done lots of work but alas, this of course was not the case. It has been a weekend of procrastination without a doubt! I spend yesterday evening and the greater part of today reading this blog from start to finish: I definitely recommend it!

Tomorrow graduate ball tickets go on sale on campus at 10am. However due to its popularity, we're going to start queuing at 7am!! That's a whole 5 hours earlier than I woke up today! I am most definitely not going to enjoy that, but then it'll be worth it as the grad ball should be amazing :) Fingers crossed that the queue moves quite quickly as i'll have to go into the lab after and the later I start in the lab the later i'll be finished!

This time in 4 weeks i'll be heading back to Kent for the Easter holidays except it won't be much of a holiday as i'll have a dissertation to write and exams to revise for! It will be good to see the family though and i'll be turning 21 eek! I don't feel old enough to be 21!

Over and out,

Faye xxx

Monday, 22 February 2010

The Beginning!

Well I thought it was finally time that I entered the land of blogging. After recently discovering some great medical student blogs I couldn't resist joining in now that I'll definitely be a medical student this September! I used to love keeping a diary but have failed at it over the past few years so am hoping I will be more likely to keep this updated (despite the fact I expect no one will read it!).

So, here's my story so far:

After getting 4 rejections for medical school back in 2006, I decided to go down the graduate entry medicine (GEM) route rather than taking a gap year and work as a Healthcare Assistant during univeristy holidays for experience (and money!!). Now 3 years on I'm in my final year of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Southampton and having a massive dissertation nightmare! But, on a much brighter note, after what I thought was a dodgy interview, Barts and the London recently offered me a place on their 5-year course (conditional on me getting a 2:1 in my degree) AND I have an interview (well, "selection centre") for Warwick and Barts' 4-year GEM courses at the end of March PLUS I'm still waiting to hear from Southampton's GEM course. So things are finally looking up for me! So, although I don't know exactly where I'm going to be in September, I know I'm going to be studying medicine somewhere! Being a fairly negative person who thought she was never going to get in, this came as a pretty big shock and I still don't think it's sunk in!!

But in the meantime I'm stuck doing a degree that I just want to hurry up and finish. I really enjoy (most of) my lectures but unfortunately I'm still in the lab doing work for my dissertation that should have been finished by Christmas...but, due to a number of reasons (the main one being my lab tutor's unwillingness to help me) I'm still there. I'm not even meant to be doing this project but thanks to an admin error my preferences were lost and so I was allocated this beast of a project. On the upside I know I have to be finished by the 16th March, but (and it's a big but!) as yet I still have no results. Zilch. So I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to write a dissertation on something I: (1) don't understand and (2) have no results for. I'll keep my fingers crossed that my lab tutor is feeling cooperative when I meet with him on Thursday (please!!!).

As if that all wasn't enough, my body decided to become nocturnal recently. Probably due to a combination of me staying up late/going out til late and then sleeping during the day wherever possible/napping later in the day whenever I had to be up early. So I've been trying to go to bed at a reasonable time and then get up earlyish...I just seem to have a problem in getting up when I don't have to. But tomorrow I need to go into the lab early so that I finish early enough to go food shopping - I was planning to go today but got roped into going to a presentation by an external speaker (COMPLETE waste of time grrr) so I didn't get home til 7 and dinner from the local chippy had to suffice. I must go tomorrow though - my body is in need of fruit and vegetables!!

Right I suppose I shall stop there for now. May update tomorrow on the joyous day I'm going to have in the lab but I'm meant to be going to So:Bar (Tuesdays at So:Bar = MESSY!) so may not have time.

Faye xxx