Wednesday, 18 August 2010

One month today!!

Exactly one month today I'm going to be moving into halls in London and finally realising my dream. Still doesn't feel real but I'm getting just a little excited. Bit apprehensive about going back into halls and making all new friends and everything again but I'm sure it'll be fiiiiine.

Bought the last few bits yesterday that needed replacing like frying pan, backing tray etc. Also bought 16 cans of Branston baked beans 'cos they were £1 for 4 cans which is bargainous and I do go through them quite quickly...just hope no one judges me for rocking up to uni with 16 cans of beans (and 12 packs of Ainsley Harriot's cous cous haha!). Well it's their problem if they do!

I was paid my student loan the other day, rediculously earlier than usual but apparently that's the norm now. As it stands, once I've paid my rent I'll have £100 to live on from Sept til Dec, what a joke! Living off the savings it is then! Unfortunately there haven't been that many shifts available so haven't been able to work in the hospital that gonna have to be really really careful with money. At least this time round uni will be close enough for me to go home and work at weekends if need be.

I've got a very exciting weekend lined up this week...I'm off to Oxford to meet up with all my uni friends. Feels like forever since I've seen them when realistically it's only been a month. I've never been to Oxford before so am muchos excited...apparently we're going to go punting and see all the sights and whatnot...can't wait!!

I've had no shifts at work the past few days so have just been bumming around and finding new blogs to read. Was hugely excited to discover Mumford & Sons never occurred to me that these would exist. So I've spent the last few days watching pretty much every interview they've ever done and swooning over Ben Lovett. Thank God I've got a shift tomorrow to give me something constructive to do!

*sigh* perfection in a man!