Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Lab Freedom!

As the title may suggest I'm now finished in the lab forever, which I'm more than a little happy about! My results are awful and I've somehow got to write a dissertation on them but I (perhaps unfortunately) don't care! I've reached a bit of a wall with my degree, I just want to be finished it now and be starting medicine. I'm going home for the Easter holiday this Saturday so hopefully 4 weeks at home will rejuvenate me and I'll come back for the last few months!

Medicine offer-wise it's a week and a day 'til my Warwick and Barts selection centre and supposedly I'm going to hear from Southampton by the end of this week. My housemate was rejected from Soton yesterday which kinda made it all seem real again but I'm expecting a rejection from them too so it won't be too much of a shock when it comes! Selection centre-wise I'm so busy at the moment I've got no time to think about it but this time next week I know I'll be panicking at my complete lack of preparation!!

I've got quite a busy week planned so hopefully it'll go quickly. Tomorrow I'm spending the day in the library to hopefully get a lot of my dissertation introduction done (although the last trip to the library resulted in my housemate and I going to the cafe for a quick lunch break where we then decided to work from home for the rest of the day, and needless to say no further work was done!). Then tomorrow evening I'm heading off to the campus pub for a few beverages for St. Patrick's day, although nothing too heavy. Then Thursday it's lectures with a pub lunch with my course girlies in between. And on Friday it's more lectures and then going out for a friend's birthday in the evening, which is likely to be very messy!! Then on Saturday fingers crossed the parents won't turn up too early so I can have a nice lay in before heading back home. Oh and I suppose I should pack at some point too!

Think I'll leave it at that for now...will try and update soonish!