Saturday, 12 March 2011

Made it to the other side!

I just read over my last blog entry and it wasn't particularly cheerful so hopefully this one will be a bit better! I'm feeling much less stressed now the dreaded Brain and Behaviour exam has been and gone...and it was absolutely awful. But luckily everyone found it the same so I won't be the only one to have done badly, I'm sure!

We're a week into our new module (Consolidation and Integration of Systems) in which each lecture is on a different disease, some of which we've already done so it's not all completely new and daunting, hence the consolidation in the name. I'm enjoying it so far, especially the lecture on heart defects as I was born with a hole in my heart and my brother had major heart problems too. I'm also loving the fact the latest we've finished all week has been 1pm, it's like being a normal student again! This is supposedly so we can do lots of self-directed learning but I've very wisely used the time to go shopping, nap and catch up on TV, bliss!

I finally went on my first home visit on Thursday on my GP placement day. I went with 2 others to visit a 96 year old who still lives on her own in her completely immaculate flat, is completely with it mentally and, although she's had a couple of heart attacks, aside from that is completely healthy (and don't stop her going out for a walk every day). She was a lovely lady to talk to, I can only hope I age as well as her! Our next GP day's theme is the complete opposite of "The Older Person" since it's "Pregnancy and Childbirth" and the fortnight after that it's "The Young Child"...they've definitely left the best two 'til last. Obs&Gynae and Paeds are most definitely on my potential specialities list so I cannot wait for these days, I just hope they live up to my expectations! It's crazy to think I've only got 2 sessions left at the surgery, it's going so quickly and it'll be sad to leave the surgery as they're all so lovely. But...onwards and upwards!